A showcase was held in Dunmow recently to celebrate the community and social activities available in the area.

The event was started by married couple John and Helen Wright, who won the Dunmow Flitch Trials in 2012 - going home with a 'flitch' of bacon after proving their love before a jury.

Since winning the trials, John and Helen have worked voluntarily for their community - starting the 'Care For Your Neighbours' scheme to help people during lockdown.

Dunmow Broadcast: The showcase was held at St Mary's Church, DunmowThe showcase was held at St Mary's Church, Dunmow (Image: Christine Chester)

The scheme saw 60 volunteers help more than 150 vulnerable residents with shopping and picking up medication.

John and Helen both feel passionately about helping people working together for the good of the community, and said they want to "do all they can" to maintain the feeling of community spirit in their area.

The couple wanted to set up the showcase since before the pandemic, and organised the event in collaboration with United for Kind coach for Uttlesford Christine Chester and Find Your Active community coordinator Mirka Marri.

The showcase - held at St Mary's Church, Dunmow - was a success, with 46 organisations taking part and between 150 and 200 people attending.

Speaking ahead of the event, Helen said: "This event will give people an opportunity to join in with anything that they might be interested in.

"This could be either as a potential member, volunteer, or in some other capacity.

Dunmow Broadcast: Refreshments at the Dunmow ShowcaseRefreshments at the Dunmow Showcase (Image: Christine Chester)

"We have a wide range of age groups represented, and Dunmow is growing! So we're keen to welcome anyone who is new to the area - there's something for everybody.

"Having more people involved in the community is a benefit to us all."


Singer Rhiannon gave two performances on the day, and there were also displays from choirs and exercise classes giving taster sessions.

Attendees could also take part in a dance session with SOSA Dance Stortford & Dunmow, with the town crier from the Dunmow Flitch Trials joining in too.

Christine Chester said: "There are many groups and organisations in Dunmow but these are not widely known about, particularly by new residents.

"This is an event by the community and for the community."