An award has been launched to recognise young people in Uttlesford who are working hard to protect the environment.

Nominations are now open for the Jack Petchey Environmental Awards, organised by the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Winners will be awarded a special certificate, badge and a letter from Sir Jack Petchey himself, in recognition of their commitment to building a greener future.

Jack Petchey Environmental Awards were given out throughout summer 2022 until October 2022, to keep young people motivated and celebrate their contribution to society.

One of the most recent winners was 12-year-old Ben Pigram from Uttlesford.

Ben was given the award for his dedication to the garden club at Forest Hall School in Stansted.

With his work on the garden, Ben ensures the area reaches its full potential - and is also assisting in developing a flower garden to sustain wildlife.

Young people can be nominated for the awards for any actions that make a positive impact on their local environment. 

These could include volunteering in a community garden or for an environmental charity, taking part in a community clean-up, such as litter-picking, starting an environmental initiative at their school or youth group, promoting the protection of the environment and any other projects which have had a positive impact on the planet.


Gemma Juma, chief executive officer of the Jack Petchey Foundation, said: "At the Jack Petchey Foundation, young people inspire us all the time with the incredible work they do.

"We want to recognise more young people across London and Essex doing inspirational things to improve their local environment.

"We hope these Environmental Awards will motivate others and showcase the positive things young people do every day to help create a sustainable future."

The Jack Petchey Foundation was founded by Sir Jack Petchey in 1999, and has provided £150m to schools and youth groups across London and Essex.

Sir Jack Petchey, who is now age 96, said: "I am passionate about our awards scheme which enables young people to be recognised, valued and rewarded for their achievements and positive contributions to society."

To make a nomination go to