An exhibition of photos and memorabilia will be held at Andrewsfield Aviation near Dunmow to mark its 80th anniversary.

The exhibition, along with talks on the airfield's history, will be held from Sunday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 24.

Originally named Andrews Field, the airfield was named after General Frank M. Andrews, a well-respected American general who was killed in May 1943 on his way back to the USA, after inspecting airfield building works in Essex.

Since then, the two names have merged and it is now known as Andrewsfield.

During the Second World War, RAF Andrews Field was primarily the home of the USAAF Ninth Air Force 322nd Bombardment Group, which flew the Martin B-26 Marauder bomber.

After being transferred to the Air Ministry in 1944, the airfield was used briefly by the RAF Fighter Command before closing in late 1945.

The launch of the exhibition at the Andrewsfield Flying Club marks the official opening of the airfield on May 21, 1943.

At 7pm on Monday, May 22, there will be a talk by Alan F. Crouchman, author of the book 'Flak-Bait'.


Alan will talk about the famous B26 Marauder that flew from Andrews Field, which was restored after surviving many hits of flak and is now in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

The photographs on display in the exhibition come from a surprise meeting between visiting US Air Force veteran Fred B. Morris and Andrewsfield owner Robert Bucknell.

Robert said: "Sadly, Fred Morris has died in 2018 but we are very grateful to his family for allowing us to use photos he took in 1942/3 illustrating the story of the acquisition of houses and farmland, the construction site and some of the men involved with the work.

"We hope that Fred’s granddaughter in Michigan will be able to join us online for the opening event and I am sure she will be amazed to see that the old post box that he sat on is still on the junction at Stebbing Green."

Seats are still available for the talks. To book email or call 01371 856744.