Thaxted Parish Church has converted its floodlighting to greener LED technology thanks to a legacy from former resident Jimmy Shepherd.

Jimmy was a "much-loved" character in the community, and when he died in 1995 he left a sum of money to maintain the chuch's floodlighting.

This year would have marked Jimmy's 100th birthday, and his bequest has now been used to fund a new lighting system.

The church has recently been striving to improve its energy use and reduce carbon emissions, and the new floodlighting will use approximately a quarter of the energy used by the old lights.


Churchwarden Paul Meader said: "We are very grateful to people who leave a legacy to help the church, as the building is in constant need or maintenance, repair and improvement.

"It is wonderful to think that Jimmy Shepherd is still contributing to our community so long after his death by helping us reduce our energy use in this way."