REVIEW: Sister Act by Dunmow Players

Sister Act. Picture: Orange Street Photography

Sister Act. Picture: Orange Street Photography - Credit: Archant

A perfect choice of show for a society that has a large number of excellent female performers, in this instance joined by an impressive cast of males too. The show has a brilliant script and director Chris Lines made the most of every single nuance, bringing out the comedy to the absolute delight of the audience. The show also has some terrific songs and the company, under the direction of Karen Chinery, produced some strong harmonies and great musical moments.

All the principals were well cast and gave terrific performances, Sam Keys (Deloris Van Cartier) delivered a strong performance and Cian Harriss was the perfect Eddie, he had a slight costume malfunction during his key song, I Could Be That Guy, but that can happen and he carried on without a hitch in the song, well done. Decia Ranger was, quite simply, superb as the Mother Superior. A beautiful portrayal through all the emotions required of the script.

Adam Thompson was suitably menacing as the villain Curtis but it was his three sidekicks who stole the show. Their rendition of Lady In The Long Black Dress was brilliant. Peter Dedman (Joey) choreographed the number and Alex Wilson (TJ) and Tom Reed (Pablo) joined him in what was an absolute showstopper.

The principal nuns were excellent, each having developed their own characters. Linda Keys as the scatty and loveable Sister Mary Patrick, Janet Price as Sister Mary Lazurus and a truly delightful performance from Izzy Bailey as Sister Mary Robert. Vic Ranger completed the main line up as Monsignor O’Hara, another lively performance.

The words lively and energetic apply to the whole company, they were obviously having a great time on stage and this showed to the audience.

There were some great vignettes from individual members of the ensemble.

I would love to mention them all by name but there just isn’t the space in this review.

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The scenery was simple, as it has to be in this venue, but extremely effective and the scene changes were carried out smoothly and with no interruption to the pace of the show. The lighting was absolutely right, and the use of gobos to enhance the various scenes worked well.

The costumes were terrific. I do love the changes in costume that the script requires and the audience re-action at the first reveal.

A truly excellent production from The Dunmow Players.

I left singing Take Me To Heaven, a sure sign that the show has made its mark. Thank you to the society for their hospitality, as always it’s a pleasure to come to Dunmow.

Tessa Davies

National Operatic and Dramatic Association