Essex Boredom Project shares experiences of coronavirus pandemic and boredom for young people

Dr Tina Kendall of Anglia Ruskin University. Picture: ARU

Dr Tina Kendall of Anglia Ruskin University. Picture: ARU - Credit: ARU

A project that asked 15 to 24-year-olds in Essex to share their experiences of boredom during the Covid-19 pandemic has produced a digital and physical booklet.

Anglia Ruskin University worked in collaboration with Chelmsford Museum’s Chelmsford Creatives network, and the British Science Association.

Workshops were held with Dr Tina Kendall, Principal Lecturer in Film and Media at ARU, who specialises in studying boredom across social media, TV and streaming services. Participants were able to reflect that key-workers may not have had the privilege of boredom.

Essex zine artist Lu Williams helped Chelmsford Creatives to create artwork that reflected their experiences.

Their works included poetry, photography, paintings, story stories, doodles and anything that could be put on to paper.

See the finished zine here.