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Tangled: The Video Game

Publisher: Disney Interactive

Price: �29.99

Format: Wii (also on DS)

Age rating: 7+

BASED on the upcoming Disney cartoon of the same name, Tangled is a platform-cum-puzzle game aimed at young children.

Following in the narrative footsteps of its big screen counterpart, it offers an imaginative reworking of Rapunzel, the classic fairy tale about a girl with unfeasibly long hair.

In this version, Rapunzel is a bona fide princess who gets locked away in a tower. Nearing her 18th birthday, she’s getting a bit fed up combing her long tresses all day, so when Flynn Rider, a handsome thief, enters the tower she enlists his help to break out of her prison and embark on the fairy tale equivalent of a road trip.

The idea is to guide the young couple through all the major locations of the film, either in single-player mode or two-player co-op. Playing solo, you have to swap between the two main characters, using each one’s unique abilities to solve puzzles, run errands, collect items and complete tiresome mini-games. For instance, Rapunzel can use her hair to swing across chasms or form a temporary ladder, while Flynn can use his sword to clear a path or clobber enemies. Unfortunately, the AI controlled character has a habit of running off in the wrong direction or simply refusing to budge.

Things improve when two players team up in co-op mode. It’s a perfect game for mums and dads to enjoy with their kids and the screen even switches to a split-screen mode if players wander too far apart.

While the visuals can’t match the painterly look of the movie, they’re not bad. Character models are decent enough but Rapunzel’s hair resembles nothing more than a plate of over-cooked spaghetti. Still, it’s great to hear the voice actors from the movie reprising their roles.

Control-wise, you’ve got a choice of nunchuck and remote or just the remote on its own. Either option is fine and your average seven year old won’t have a problem.

After the brilliance of last year’s Toy Story 3 adaptation, we had high hopes for Tangled, but even the most ham-fisted player can race through the game’s simple puzzles in less than six hours.

Score: 3/5 stars


Kinectimals (Xbox 360)

Win three silver medals at Cherry Blossom Cove to unlock a bobcat cub, while gaining three gold medals at Suri Mountain will get you a Siberian tiger cub to play with.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

When driving a car in automatic transmission mode, holding down R2 will let you stay in the same gear, enabling you to maintain speed through a corner or get a slight speed boost.

Kinect Sports (Xbox 360)

Raise both arms in the air to get the crowd cheering for you.

Sonic Colours (Wii)

When playing as Sonic the Hedgehog in the simulator, press two and you will switch to Shadow.