Ahead of this weekend's first Flying Day of the year, IWM Duxford has announced the final six air displays of the season.

Tickets have gone on sale for the themed aerial display events at the historic Cambridgeshire airfield and a host of other events.

Flying days at Europe’s largest air museum this summer include events devoted to model aircraft and the Spitfire heroes of Squadron 19.

Dunmow Broadcast: A Supermarine Spitfire at Duxford.A Supermarine Spitfire at Duxford. (Image: IWM)

This summer sees the return of ‘In The Cockpit’ experiences, giving visitors the chance to see iconic aircraft from the inside.

There's also a new family activity for the May half-term, and the return of the 5k or 10k Duxford Dash challenge.

Dunmow Broadcast: Duxford reopening to visitors inside after COVID restrictions were lifted in May 2021.Duxford reopening to visitors inside after COVID restrictions were lifted in May 2021. (Image: IWM)

IWM Duxford has also announced three headline acts for the Duxford Summer Air Show with the Red Arrows, Typhoons and Falcons confirmed for the flying line-up on July 24-25.

Tickets to the two weekend air shows – Duxford Summer Air Show on July 24-25 and Battle of Britain Air Show on September 18-19 – will go on sale next month, with many more great acts still to be announced.

Dunmow Broadcast: Young aviation fans at Duxford.Young aviation fans at Duxford. (Image: IWM)

Duxford Flying Days

Ahead of its first sell-out Flying Day on Saturday, May 22, IWM Duxford has released tickets for an additional six such events in 2021, including a showcase of model aircraft and an end-of-season spectacular.

The remaining six Flying Days are:

Model Aircraft – Saturday, June 19

In partnership with the British Model Flying Association, the largest organisation of model aircraft building and flying in the country, see spectacular flypasts, aerial displays and aerobatics – all in miniature form.

You can also arrange a free session at a BMFA club, local to you, for a trial flight with a dedicated instructor.

Behind The Scenes – Saturday, July 3

There's a chance to discover more about Duxford’s aviation partners at this flying day.

Behind The Scenes recognises the important work everyone onsite at IWM Duxford do to keep audiences entertained and iconic aircraft preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Dunmow Broadcast: A mass Spitfire flypast at the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 2019 .A mass Spitfire flypast at the Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 2019 . (Image: IWM)

Squadron 19 Heroes – Wednesday, August 4

Duxford's 19 Squadron were the first to receive the RAF’s new fighter, the Spitfire, in 1938.

As this year marks the 85th anniversary of the Spitfire’s maiden flight, celebrate an iconic British aircraft and learn the stories of the men of 19 Squadron.

Dunmow Broadcast: A Spitfire.A Spitfire. (Image: IWM)

Showtime – Wednesday, August 11

A flying day with a family focus, Duxford will be kitted out fête-style, with bunting, arts and crafts, and aviation fun for younger fans and their families.

Young Aviators – Thursday, August 19

Discover what it takes to be a pilot and enjoy a fun-filled family day out.

Perfect for young people and their families to deepen their aviation interest, visitors will discover more about famous heroes who also loved taking to the skies.

The Tiger Moth aircraft flown by writer Roald Dahl will be on display.

Best of 2021 – Saturday, October 9

Looking back at the best of Flying Days 2021, organisers will bring you highlights from Duxford's special season.

Handpicked by the museum's flying display director and Duxford Air Shows team, Flying Days: Best Of 2021 will end the year full of highs.

Up Close Aircraft Experiences

Get closer than ever before to places usually only seen by pilots with Duxford's In the Cockpit experiences.

Join an expert guide and sit inside the cockpit of Duxford's airworthy Mark 1 Spitfire N3200, which flew with 19 Squadron from Duxford, or an Avro Vulcan XJ824 which acted as one of the main delivery agents of Britain's independent nuclear deterrent.

Dunmow Broadcast: An Avro Vulcan.An Avro Vulcan. (Image: IWM)

Guests will first explore the history and restoration of the aircraft, followed by 15 minutes inside the cockpit, complete with photo opportunities, learning the controls and immersing yourself in the conditions experienced by those who flew them.

From the summer, Duxford will also be offering Spitfire N3200: The VIP Experience, which will include closed cockpit access with no time limit, a talk and questions for the ticket holder and two additional guests, and an in-depth look inside open parts of the Spitfire.

The ticket will include a limited-edition gift item to ensure that the day remains a truly unforgettable experience.

Dunmow Broadcast: A Lancaster bomber.A Lancaster bomber. (Image: D. Harbar)

Duxford also offer a behind the ropes exploration of the Lancaster where you will be guided through the bomber’s illustrious history, from the celebrated Dams Raid to the controversy of ‘area bombing’ under Bomber Harris.

You will then enter the rear of the fuselage and learn about the heroism of the young men in Bomber Command and the harsh conditions they faced in combat.

May Half-Term Family Activity

Step inside the American Air Museum this May half-term and play a new immersive tablet-based game, Airforce Action Stations.

Dunmow Broadcast: Airforce Action Stations is a new immersive tablet-based game.Airforce Action Stations is a new immersive tablet-based game. (Image: IWM)

Thwart hackers, connect to satellites and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of iconic aircraft in order to send them to air bases all around the world, all under the watchful eye of The Director, played by CBBC’s Ben Shires.

Airforce Actions Stations has been developed by Friday Sundae, a creative digital production studio specialising in education, games and gamified content.

Dunmow Broadcast: You can experience Airforce Action Stations with Ben Shires at IWM Duxford.You can experience Airforce Action Stations with Ben Shires at IWM Duxford. (Image: IWM Duxford)

Available to all Duxford visitors for no extra cost, Airforce Action Stations is suitable for all children from 7+ and their adults.

Duxford Dash

Set a race record on Duxford's historic runway with the return of Duxford's 5k, 10k, and new family mile running challenge.

Dunmow Broadcast: Runners taking part in the first 'Duxford Dash', a chip-timed 5k and 10k run at IWM Duxford.Runners taking part in the first 'Duxford Dash', a chip-timed 5k and 10k run at IWM Duxford. (Image: IWM)

The flat, chip-timed Duxford Dash course will be welcoming runners on Sunday, October 17.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are more comfortable at the front of the pack or enjoying the company at the back.

Dunmow Broadcast: Runners taking part in the first Duxford Dash, a new chip-timed 5k and 10k run at IWM Duxford, last September.Runners taking part in the first Duxford Dash, a new chip-timed 5k and 10k run at IWM Duxford, last September. (Image: IWM)

Whatever your time, finish victorious with a photo opportunity with your medal at the finish line in front of a spectacular Spitfire.

Entry prices are £13 family mile, £26 5k or 10k, and the price includes admission to IWM Duxford.