An award-winning Dunmow-based theatrical society has changed its name, moving forward with a fresh vision.

The Dunmow Players are now known as Dunmow Theatre Company.

Dunmow Broadcast: Dunmow Theatre Company.Dunmow Theatre Company. (Image: Dunmow Theatre Company.)

The rebrand took place earlier this month as the theatre company, which has been running since 1921, looks to the future following the pandemic.

A Dunmow Theatre Company spokesperson said: "In the last 101 years we have put on over 80 productions with both our adult and youth group, productions such as Sister Act, Blitz!, Oliver!, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Little Shop of Horrors, and most recently Big: The Musical.

Dunmow Broadcast: The Dunmow Players' production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.The Dunmow Players' production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. (Image: Dunmow Theatre Company.)

"We are a small, non-profitable organisation who completely rely on fundraising efforts from our members, ticket sales, sponsorships and donations which can be very tricky at times. Especially as we are known for bringing award-winning large scale productions to Dunmow."

Explaining the decision to change name, they added: "We have been wanting to rebrand the company for many years but it has never been the right time to do so due to difficulties financially, Covid and not having a large enough committee to launch a new brand.

"However after the success of our last production, Big, we had an influx of new members from Dunmow and surrounding areas (as far as Cambridge) and we decided to take the plunge and rebrand, hopefully bringing our 101-year-old company a fresh new lease of life yet continue the legacy of The Dunmow Players."

Dunmow Broadcast: A Dunmow Players production of Little Shop of Horrors.A Dunmow Players production of Little Shop of Horrors. (Image: Dunmow Theatre Company.)

The new Dunmow Theatre Company strives to build an inclusive, supportive community both on and off the stage.

"We look to inspire our members and encourage creative thinking, nurture self-confidence and promote skill development," said the spokesperson.

"We aim to build strong trusting relationships within the local community, providing a safe environment in which people of all ages have the opportunity to develop and express their true selves."

They added: "Another big change for us is the choice to step away from a Musical Theatre focus, giving us the scope to put on plays for the community but also organise events which can be enjoyed at an affordable price."

Dunmow Theatre Company's next production is Legally Blonde, which is set to take place at Foakes Hall in April 2023.

"We are currently in early pre-production stages and our official read-through date is set for Monday, September 19 and auditions are set for the week commencing September 26," said the spokesperson.

"We believe this is the perfect show to launch our wonderful company and show Dunmow once again what the Dunmow Theatre Company can do and the local talent we have in our area."

The company's new website is

Dunmow Broadcast: The Dunmow Players have rebranded as Dunmow Theatre Company.The Dunmow Players have rebranded as Dunmow Theatre Company. (Image: Dunmow Theatre Company.)