Stebbing Tennis Club holds annual Gnome Tournament for charity

Tournament winners Maz Dowding and brother Patrick Berry

Tournament winners Maz Dowding and brother Patrick Berry - Credit: Stebbing Tennis Club

Stebbing Tennis Club re-opened its newly refurbished courts for its annual charity tournament. 

The tournament, known as the Gnome Tournament, took place on Saturday, June 25. 

The day start with the opening ceremony of the freshly painted courts, painted by Graham Sargood and Will Hales. 

Following this, 12 duos competed against each other to win the tournament's namesake prize, a china gnome. 

Tennis duo Maz Dowding and her brother Patrick Berry won the tournament. 

The day raised money for Evergreens, formerly known as Dunmow Disabled Club. 

In total, the club raised £500 for the charity, which aims to aid “The relief of illness, sickness and suffering of physically disabled persons resident in Dunmow”. 

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