Grange Runners hit success button in Three Tuns Trail

THE Three Tuns pub in Finchingfield was the venue for Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners’ (GFDR) trail race on Sunday.

The six-mile course took runners on a convoluted tour of the scenic village, along paths made muddy by overnight rain. The event attracted 54 competitors, representing 10 clubs.

The winner, in 43min 55s, was Phil Davis of Halstead Road Runners, with Jane Smith of GFDR the first woman in 47min 1s.

Fastest for GFDR, taking 3rd position, was Kevin Marshall in 44min 59s. Ian Lawson finished in 49min 21s, followed by Neil Rumbold (52min 32s), Sarah McLagan (54min 9s) and David Spencer (54min 34s).

James Hawkes and Jason Wintin finished together in 55min 40s ahead of Nick Perry (57min 40s), Hayley Smith (58min) and Howard Jardine (58min 15s).

Jackie Adams, Kath Birks and Lee Prowse finished in 1hr 2min 45s, with Gavin Foster and Sue Harrington in 1h 3min 10s, just 10 seconds faster than Lesley Burpitt and Jon Flack.

Natalie Herbert (1h 3min 24s), was followed by David Cronk (1h 7min 48s) and Jules Adams, Charlotte King and Angela Thorpe (1h 34min 50s).