Athletics: Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners women Scramble to podium

Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners at the Spitfire Scramble

Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners at the Spitfire Scramble - Credit: Archant

A team of eight women from Grange Farm & Dunmow Runners took on the 24-hour Spitfire Scramble relay event at Hornchurch.

The race began at midday on Saturday and involved running through the night on a 5.75-mile multi-terrain course.

And having completed a total of 28 laps in 24 hours and three minutes, the GFDR women finished third of 17 teams in the 6-8 female category.

The winning team competed 29 laps, with the second team being just four minutes faster than the GFDR team over 28 laps.

Naomi Moss ran five laps for GFDR, with Hayley Morley, Karen Pickering, Abigail Rayner and Henrietta Walker each completing four laps and Gin Lawson three.

Jackie Adams and Glenda Jackson managed two laps each, although Jackson had a fall during the night, with Adams withdrawing to assist her team-mate.