Fun T2 cricket match and BBQ help to celebrate Dunmow's 125th anniversary

Dunmow Cricket Club's Rohan Aswani and Dan Goddard from Perkins Garage

Dunmow Cricket Club's Rohan Aswani and Dan Goddard from Perkins Garage were involved in the match - Credit: STUART FELSTEAD / Dunmow Cricket Club

As part of ongoing celebrations for its 125th anniversary, Dunmow Cricket Club held an inaugural Sponsors evening at St Edmunds Lane with a fun Twenty20 cricket match and barbecue.

The event was declared a resounding success.

Male and female players of all ages took part from sponsors Flitch & Chips, Perkins Garages, Capture House, Containerlift, Stansted Electrical Services, Woodhurst Consulting, JK Tech Productions and the cricket club itself.

The Dunmow Cricket Club game showing three players

Steve from Stansted Electrical Services, watched by Perkins keeper and Dunmow's Peter Callingham in the match - Credit: STUART FELSTEAD/ Dunmow Cricket Club

Guests at Dunmow Cricket Club's 125 year celebrations

Having fun at Dunmow Cricket Club for the 125 year celebrations, guests from Flitch & Chips, Perkins Garage and Containerlift - Credit: STUART FELSTEAD / Dunmow Cricket Club

A programme of events including a live concert and a ladies prosecco soft ball festival will be held at the Dunmow ground as part of Cricket Week at the end of August.

Further details can be found on the club’s website or through their social media channels.

The pandemic-delayed 125th anniversary celebrations are in conjunction with the launch of the Project Pavilion fundraising initiative, with the goal of building a new state of the art pavilion and updating the St Edmunds Lane ground facilities in time for the 2025 season.


Dunmow Cricket Club at 125 years and launch of Project Pavilion