Felsted score 10 out of 10

FELSTED Preparatory School’s Under-11 rugby team ended the season unbeaten, winning every single one of the 10 matches they played.

In fact only eight tries were scored against the Felsted Preparatory boys over the course of the whole rugby season.

There were a few spectacular wins to boot — notably a 21-0 victory over Bishop’s Stortford just before half-term. This boosted the young team’s confidence and spurred them on to keep a clean sheet for the rest of the term.

Under-11 rugby coach Jeremy Fincher said: “These young players have shown real grit and determination on the pitch, despite the fact that many are still getting to grips with the rules of the game.

“The same 12 boys have been selected for every match and this is truly a team to watch for the future.”