Dunmow to hold its own ‘Olympic Games’ in build up to London 2012

LONDON 2012 will leave a lasting legacy on the community after the announcement Dunmow will hold its own Olympic Games in the build up to the historic event.

Organised by High Street retailer Out There Sports, in conjunction with the town council, the ‘Dunmow Olympics’ on July 7-8 will bring together a wide range of sporting talent from the town.

Clubs are being invited to hold in-house competitions prior to the event and their grand finals during it, where those involved will compete for medals in events such as football, bowls, badminton, netball, martial arts, archery, running, cycling and tug-of-war. There will also be team competitions and a fun run.

Businesses are being urged to get involved to help create a carnival-style atmosphere ahead of the main London Games, which start on July 27.

A fireworks display and entertainment will bring the weekend to a spectacular finale.

Out There Sports owner Chris Muir said the idea is to “have fun” but also stressed the importance the games can have on the town.

“By holding our own games we can raise awareness of all the different sports played locally,” Mr Muir told the Broadcast.

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“It will also encourage community spirit and participation, create a continued demand for sports activities within Uttlesford and encourage involvement in sport as a vehicle for greater community harmony and health.”

The ‘Dunmow Olympics’ will also kick-start the launch of a community sports fund that Mr Muir hopes will generate interest from all sports clubs from in and around Dunmow.

Proceeds from the fund will go towards organising a similar event next year, or to improving sporting facilities that will benefit the community.

“The money will be raised by a small entry fee so the event can be self-funding.

“Sports clubs can have a stall to raise their profile and attract new members,” explained Mr Muir.

“Dunmow’s business sector will also be able to reach out into the community as we will ask them to sponsor different aspects of the weekend, such as catering.”

Dunmow Town Council has given its backing to the project. Mayor Ron Clover said: “Great Dunmow is uniquely placed to feature in the London 2012 Olympics and its proximity to Stansted Airport, the chosen point of entry for VIPs, gives us a golden opportunity to promote our town.

“The ‘Dunmow Olympics’ is an inspirational project designed to get the whole community involved in this truly historic event.

“The legacy could be the continuance of the sporting programmes.”

Clubs or businesses interested in taking part can e-mail dunmowolympics@gmail.com.