Youngsters helping Dunmow TKD taekwondo club to thrive

Brie Metcalfe, Ben Saunderson and Isabella Barton of Dunmow TKD's Tigers Club

Brie Metcalfe, Ben Saunderson and Isabella Barton are some of the first to enjoy Dunmow TKD's Tigers Club. - Credit: DUNMOW TKD

A taekwondo club in Great Dunmow is bucking the perception of the pandemic and thriving. 

Dunmow TKD are heading into their second year and despite only being able to run online classes at the moment, they have continued to push forward. 

All of their current students have been retained and they will all be grading for their next coloured belt this month. 

On top of that though is a new Tigers Club aimed at younger students. 

Instructor Matt Howard said: "Just before the latest lockdown we had interest from a number of parents of younger children [so we] decided to launch our Dunmow TKD Tigers Club, an initiative that is overseen by the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain. 

"The programme is aimed at primary school age and while we teach the same as the adults, it is at a slower pace and they still grade.  

"Tigers learn basic skills which helps improve balance, memory, concentration, co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem as well as being great fun. 

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"Our launch was a great success with almost a dozen kids jumping and punching and making lots of noise. Some of these kids have spent almost a quarter of their lives in lockdown so an opportunity to let loose is great for them." 

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