Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate Club’s Stubbs crowned double world champion

Luke Stubbs

Luke Stubbs - Credit: Archant

Dunmow teenager Luke Stubbs has been crowned a double world karate champion.

Arin Yildirim, Luke Stubbs, Kayleigh and Amber Morris

Arin Yildirim, Luke Stubbs, Kayleigh and Amber Morris - Credit: Archant

The Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate Club member represented Great Britain at the International Federation Karate (IFK) U21 World Tournament in Greece.

Stubbs, aged 13 at the time of the event which takes place every four years, fought, and triumphed, in the boys’ over 160cm category.

The Helena Romanes School pupil won all his fights comprehensively against other students competing from over 20 countries worldwide.

Not only did Stubbs become world champion in his individual category, he was also part of the GB A-team that won the team event, giving him two world titles.

Luke started training at Dunmow Kyokushinkai Karate under chief instructor Shihan Andrew Turner, 5th Dan at the age of eight and since then has gone on to win many England caps.

He has also captained the England karate team at previous internationals.

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Having achieved the grade of 1st Kyu (second brown belt) in December 2013, the club expect the teen to go on to achieve his black belt (first Dan) at the British Kyokushinkai Karate summer camp.

This year the Dunmow Karate Kyokushinkai Karate Club celebrates 30 years of existence and Stubbs is its first world champion.

In addition to his success, the club’s Kayley Morris came third in the over 160cm girls’ category. Kayley, the GB B team captain, also took bronze in the team event.

Amber Morris and Arin Yildirim competed in cadets category (over 16s), but although both fought brilliantly, they lost in the early rounds.