‘Almost perfect run’ only gets third spot

TAKING part in the 23rd Annual Gary’s Picnic at Shakespeare County Raceway, Little Dunmow’s Team Gridlock changed set-up and, with it, their fortunes on track.

After some pretty dramatic launches at the previous race meeting, the team made some changes which proved positive on the Saturday qualifying.

They put in four strong runs hitting two personal bests and are now just 18 hundredth’s of a second off of their first 8 second pass.

The car runs 5.9 Litre Small block Mopar engine stroked out to 6.7 Litres and is naturally aspirated and uses a 114 octane fuel unlike most of the other cars that use methanol to power the engine.

Driver Adam price also hit another personal best reaction time of 0.018 of a second off of the tree (starting lights).

With three more qualifying runs on the Sunday the team were getting a handle on the changes that they made, but with the prospect of bad weather on the Monday the first round was brought forward to the Sunday evening so they could not do any more fine tuning.

The team dialled in a 9.27 and ran a mere 0.024 seconds away from the perfect time, even being that close it was only good enough for third place, the competition was so tight their time difference was a mere 0.007 seconds away from first place.

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Finals day was rained off so there was no opportunity to move up the ladder so the team had to settle for third place and were also awarded best and most exciting burnout by the tower for the second time.

The team are still seeking sponsors for the remainder of the season and for 2012 and still have televised events to run this year and will be out again in two weeks.