Dunmow TKD are no strangers to success but even they were left dumbfounded by the haul picked up at the English Championships.

Held at the Coventry Skydome, the Dunmow taekwondo club took a squad of 16 to compete in patterns, sparring and tag-team sparring.

And for the first time in their history, every single one of them who competed in the sparring, returned with a medal.

Instructors Cheryl and Matt Howard watched on like proud parents as Oliver Snell (13), Isla Bird (10), Isla Maguire (10), Ryan Potma (11), Gabriel Smith (13), Erin Hurst (9) and Ruby Maguire (7) all won gold in tag-team sparring.

There were silvers too for Sasha Polykoff (10), Ariella Dixon-Bellot (10) and Ruby Pegrum (13) in the same discipline while Charlie Jones (8), Anish Malladi (8), Aaron Arnold (11), Alyse Dixon-Bellot (8) and Amelie Maguire (12) completed the set with bronzes.

Snell won a silver in the individual sparring and there were bronzes for Potma, Alyse Dixon-Bellot, Polykoff, Isla Maguire and Hurst.

Bryony Arnold was the 16th member and is still recovering from injury so competed in the patterns only.

However, she was unlucky not to medal.

Matt Howard said: "For our sparrers to all get medals is a huge milestone for Dunmow TKD.

"Our youngsters Anish, Ruby Maguire, Charlie and Erin all had to pick themselves up at some point and dig deep and I am delighted for them all.

"Aaron Arnold yet again had four gruelling rounds of sparring and was desperately close to medalling, so his tag team medal was a just reward.

"We have just launched a collaboration with Active Essex and are actively recruiting new students of all ages.

"We are committed to representing Dunmow at regional and national level."


More information can be found at www.dunmowtkd.co.uk