Dunmow Taekwon-Do continue to impress at competitions - this time at the TAGB Midlands competition.

Held in Kettering, the club sent nine students to join 750 others from the region to compete in patterns, sparring and tag team events.

Being a regional rather than national event meant some belt categories were combined, so the standard and level of experience in the patterns division remained incredibly hard.

Thirteen-year-old Ruby Pegrum, for example, was called up to perform her pattern four times in all and was desperately unlucky to miss out on a medal, as was Aaron Arnold (11).

But both overcame any disappointment by winning gold in their respective Tag Team sparring divisions.

Aaron's mum Bryony came away with the biggest haul. She won silver in individual sparring and team patterns as well as bronze in the tag team sparring with Katherine Wickham.

The latter also got bronze in individual sparring as did 10-year-old Sasha Polykoff in her group.

Current British girls' champion, Alyse Dixon-Bellot (8), maintained her high standards with gold in tag sparring.

Ariella Dixon-Bellot (10), Noel Chenery (eight) and Charlie Jones (seven) also competed in both patterns and sparring but did not medal this time.

Instructor Cheryl Howard said: "I am extremely proud of all of our students and we look forward to the English Championships in March."

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