Youngsters in Felsted handle frogs and snakes

Felsted School Reptile Show

Felsted School Reptile Show - Credit: Archant

Felsted Pre-Preparatory School had an exciting visit from The Reptile Roadshow, a family-run reptile and animal educational experience for young children.

Keen Year Ones had the chance to learn about lizards, snakes, chinchillas and frogs in a practical introduction to their new dinosaur planet topic.

A school spokesman said: “The children were fascinated by all the creatures put in front of them, but they especially loved the chinchilla’s soft fur. It was a big surprise for the first volunteer, who put absolute trust in the roadshow representative as he placed the chinchilla on his head.

There were a few unsure faces as the snake was introduced. A couple of the children just watched the others being brave as the snakes were wound around their necks. Many were surprised at how warm and smooth the snake’s skin was. A few were nervous of the lizards, but by the end of the session every child had at least stroked one.”

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