World cup beer mats

BEER mats designed to make young men more safety conscious when it comes to their possessions during the World Cup have been rolled out by police.

Research shows that young men in Essex aged between 16 and 25 are the most likely people to have their mobile phone or wallet stolen.

“We wanted to target young men so we distributed the beer mats to Essex pubs in time for the World Cup,” said Joanna Rogers, marketing executive for Essex Police.

“They capture people’s attention because they are designed to look like wallets and phones just lying around on tables. Pubs will be busier with friends enjoying a drink while watching the football so it is important to offer safety tips to deter theft.”

Police have also issued the following advice:

Do not advertise your stuff to thieves.

Keep your mobile phone and wallet out of view of others at all times.

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Don’t carry too much cash in your wallet.

Note down your phone details (IMEI number) keep it PIN locked and don’t leave unattended.

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