Grandmother rescued from muddy field in Little Bardfield

Woman rescued from muddy field

A grandmother has been rescued from a muddy field in Little Bardfield by firefighters - Credit: Archant

A pensioner who helped free her grandchildren from a muddy field in Little Bardfield and then got stuck herself has been rescued by firefighters.

The woman in her 70s was walking with her grandsons across fields about a quarter of a mile from Little Bardfield Road when the boys, aged seven and nine, became stuck in mud, at around 3.08pm on Friday (January 15).

She waded in to free them but one of her legs became trapped to the top of her thigh and she was unable to move.

Firefighters used the What3Words phone app to guide an Urban Search and Rescue team to the remote location.

Crews used a triple extension ladder, inflatable sled and sand lance - which creates air pockets in the mud - to free her by 4.29pm.

Station Manager Darren Driscoll said: "The woman was cold but soon regained the feeling in her legs."