Seventh flood in Great Bardfield breaks pavement


Flooding in Great Bardfield - Credit: Supplied

Flood engineers are set to look into what has become a repeated problem in Great Bardfield, which this time broke up a section of pavement near the school.

A householder next to the school has marked the damage with a traffic cone to try to stop people from injuring their ankles. Last week following heavy rain, water ran down and across the road. The water also pooled in several areas.

traffic cone marking pavement damage and flood water

Pavement damage and flood water in Great Bardfield - Credit: supplied

Paul Robinson said this is the seventh time since early December that there have been problems.

"The pavement has got a foot drop. It's dangerous. The street lighting is non existent."


Flooding in Great Bardfield - Credit: Supplied

Essex county councillor Simon Walsh has been on site to meet Mr Robinson and to inspect the problem with a flood engineer.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Further investigation needs to take place before the exact nature of the problem is established and a solution enacted.”

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