Video: Wallaby spotted on the loose near Great Saling

PUBLISHED: 11:27 13 August 2018 | UPDATED: 12:02 13 August 2018

A wallaby was filmed in Panfield on August 3 at about 5am by Steven Clack, a carpenter who lives in Panfield.

In the video the wallaby, which is native to Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, is crouching amongst some bushes on the side of the rode before jumping away.

Steve, who is a member of Taekwondo school, the Braintree Ninjas, said: “I was just driving to work and driving along the road. It came around the corner, It didn’t seem scared. I thought it was a deer or a monk jack. When I pulled up to take a picture it jumped and I thought that’s a blooming kangaroo! I then took a video because I didn’t think a picture did it justice. You see all these animals in the zoo but you never expect to see one on the way to work. Since my sister posted the video on Facebook people have also said they have seen it.”

Have you spotted a wallaby near you? Email or to share what you saw.

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