Survey reveals Uttlesford fears of fourth national Covid lockdown

Houses in Great Dunmow

Houses in Great Dunmow - Credit: Andra Maciuca

The majority of Uttlesford residents fear another lockdown, our survey suggests. 

We asked readers to share their views ahead of the April 12 reopening.  

The survey found 60 percent thought the move will lead to an increase in Covid cases, but 70 percent thought the date shouldn’t be postponed. 

More than half of respondents said they are nervous about things opening up. 

A third of the responses indicated the pub garden would be the first place people wanted to visit. 

And 17 percent of people said they were keen to visit shops first.

Four percent wanted to visit the church, and the same amount made places like gyms and hairdressers a priority. 

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Seeing friends and family was the top thing residents were excited about. Other popular choices included ‘holiday’, ‘freedom’, and ‘getting back to normal’. 

Further restrictions are set to lift on May 17.