Uttlesford local elections 2019: candidates standing in areas near you

Ballot boxes like these have been distributed throughout Uttlesford for polling day.

Ballot boxes like these have been distributed throughout Uttlesford for polling day. - Credit: Archant

Polling stations across Uttlesford are now open and voters have today to cast their vote in the local elections.

The polls are opened from 7am today and will close at 10pm, before votes are counted overnight or during the day tomorrow.

Across Uttlesford candidates standing for district and town council are hoping to secure your vote. Here, we run down the district council candidates standing in Dunmow wards and other nearby areas.


Humphrey Barbier (Labour)

Humphrey is a retired teacher who has lived in Stebbing since 1977. He has worked as the clerk to the parish council and is a member of Stebbing Bowls Club. He was vice chairman of Stebbing Community Village Stores. He said: “There should be no homelessness in Uttlesford and I want good quality social housing provided.”

David Sowter (Labour)

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David is a retired charity manager and former Stebbing Primary School governor. He said: “I don’t want affordable housing that is only affordable to couples in good jobs, but social housing where people on low income or receiving benefits can have a place they can afford. Other issues include protecting the villages from inappropriately placed estates.”

John Evans (Residents for Uttlesford)

Combining his local knowledge and skills as a solicitor, John chairs the Stebbing neighbourhood plan steering group. He is particularly interested in protecting heritage assets and landscape.

Sandi Merifield (Residents for Uttlesford)

A parish councillor since 2007, Sandi is vice-chairman, working on planning and green spaces. She chairs Save Our Stebbing, representing residents fighting West of Braintree proposals.

John and Sandi said: “Our villages are facing unprecedented change with the risk of Stebbing and Felsted effectively becoming part of Braintree as it expands under UDC’s garden community proposal. We believe residents should have a greater say.”

Roy Ramm (Conservative)

I consider it a privilege to stand to represent Felsted and Stebbing. I grew up in East London and spent much of my life policing the capital, so being able to enjoy the peace and safety of the countryside and all that the rural lifestyle offers my family is something that I don’t take for granted and will fight to protect.

Charlotte Salomon (Conservative)

I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to stand for Felsted and Stebbing, two historic villages where I spent much of my childhood. Now, after starting my own family, I want to work alongside residents to see a bright future for upcoming generations, whilst ensuring our aging population have better accessibility to services.

Ruth Wheaton (Green)

We need adequate social housing with provision for families of all sizes and ages. All new homes should be zero carbon so we don’t have to pay the costs of retrofitting later. Affordable homes are ones with extremely low fuel bills, and which do not pass on pollution costs to our children.

Richard Silcock (Liberal Democrats)

Richard has lived in Felsted for more than 22 years and owns and runs the village shop and Post Office. He is a governor at Felsted Primary School, a founder member of the village events committee, and a member of the Felsted neighbourhood plan steering group.

Antoinette Wattebot (Liberal Democrats)

Antoinette has lived in Uttlesford for 25 years. She taught science in Essex secondary schools and trained teachers and early years professionals at Anglia Ruskin University. She served as a Liberal Democrat on Uttlesford District Council for a number of years, and is currently a parish councillor in Thaxted.


Gerard Darcy (Labour)

Gerard has worked in local government and as a teacher. His main interests are social housing, education and community sports. He said: “Thousands of homes have been built in and around Dunmow but the proportion of social housing to meet local need has been miniscule. Residents are concerned about the future of Helena Romanes School and placing it outside Dunmow’s boundaries will create transport problems.”

Colin Day (Residents for Uttlesford)

Retired Metropolitan Police inspector Colin has lived in Uttlesford for more than 20 years. He wants to ensure the police commissioner, airport and housing developers are held to account.

Rod Jones (Residents for Uttlesford)

After 25 years in the armed services defending democracy, Rod is standing to do the same locally. In his spare time he’s an active supporter of the Friends Of The Flitch Way.

Patrick Lavelle (Residents For Uttlesford)

A career in pharma gives Patrick perspective into the region’s most important industry and UDC’s £50million investment in it. He is also keen that new housing meets residents’ needs.

Colin, Rod and Patrick said:

“Thousands of new homes are being pushed along the A120 by Government. We need councillors who will listen, plan properly, hold developers to account in order to provide the infrastructure, whilst protecting our environment.”

Vic Ranger (Conservative)

Vic has lived in the Dunmow area of Uttlesford for more than 33 years. He supports local performing and visual arts groups and is a keen tennis player. Vic has been a district councillor for eight years and a Barnston parish councillor for 10. If re-elected Vic will continue to work hard for all residents.

Danielle Frost (Conservative)

Danielle has lived in Dunmow for 17 years and been on the town council for four. Danielle believes in the role of the volunteer and how essential their contribution is. She believes she can make a difference at district level, working for the issues of Dunmow South and Barnston but also for the whole of Uttlesford.

Graham Barker (Conservative)

Graham settled in Essex after leaving the army. Graham thinks it is great news that Dunmow Library will remain open. He said: “Library usage has changed but we have the opportunity to build a community hub, bringing together support organisations and groups.”

If re-elected Graham will continue to work hard for residents.


Bill McCarthy (Labour)

Bill worked for the Bank of England and then became a teacher. He was a governor of the village school for more than 20 years. He said: “I have stood for local elections many times, but recently I have not wanted to stand against an independent candidate and risk splitting the anti-Tory vote. Apart from my interests in politics, I am a keen gardener.”

Mark Lemon (Conservative)

I have lived in Hatfield Heath for 51 years and served as a district councillor for 16 years. I have enjoyed being part of the community, where I was chairman of school governors for more than 20 years. Currently chairman of the parish council, he says he is always available to help people in the area.

Michael Dyer (Liberal Democrats): Had not responded at time of going to press


Faridah Gullam (Labour) Faridah is a senior nurse assistant and a mother of children attending local schools. She said: “I want to see more council housing, improved public transport, support for community sports clubs and more parks for children. I plan to visit residents and offer as much time as possible to improve their daily lives.”

Susan Barker (Conservative)

Susan has lived in High Easter for 30 years. She worked in retail pharmacy and has been a district council member for 20 years. She says residents have a range of issues, from aircraft noise, broadband in High Easter to traffic, particularly in High Roding and she will be on hand to deal with all of residents’ concerns.

Margaret Shaw (Green)

We’re keen to promote healthy lifestyles. Developers will be compelled to provide green play and sports areas when developments are approved, while our parks and commons should be full of fun and healthy exercise groups for all ages.

John Hudson (liberal Democrats):

Had not responded at time of going to press


Alfred Miti (Labour)

Alfred said: “I am passionate about ensuring that garden communities meet their 40 per cent affordable targets and that affordability reflects local wages. I want more rights for private renters with a responsible landlord register, a landlords’ co-operative and a private tenants association.”

Josie Thompson (Conservative)

I am very keen to get people involved in countryside activities, and I would love to support local groups and businesses that promote health and wellbeing. Should I be elected, I can promise always to be receptive, listening to residents and vigorously representing the best interests of our community.

Nick Church (Conservative)

I have lived in the area all my life so am deeply appreciative of the benefits offered from being a local. If elected I will make sure our local community is strongly represented. I believe that co-operation rather than confrontation is more effective and would work, when appropriate, with our MP or county councillors to secure results.

Joe Lewis (Labour)

Joe is a student and as a lifelong member of Stansted Library, he is determined to defend it from closure. He said: “It is vital that we maintain institutions like the library, whilst developing our infrastructure to accommodate changes to our area. As housing developments arise, it is important to remain conscious of pedestrian safety.”

Alan Dean (Liberal Democrats)

Alan has lived in Stansted with his family for more than 40 years. He is leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Uttlesford District Council, and chairs the scrutiny committee. He campaigns to improve Stansted by targeting air pollution and traffic congestion, keeping the library and providing green space and new footpaths.

Geoffrey Sell (Liberal Democrats)

Having lived there most of his life, Geoffrey is keen to ensure Stansted remains a great place to live. He was proud to be chairman of Uttlesford District Council in 2017. He has campaigned to bring a PCSO back to Stansted, to keep the library, and ensured more money for highways improvements.


Daniel Brett (Labour)

Daniel is an economist and lives in Stansted with his family. In 2014, he helped lead a successful campaign to save Farnham primary school from closure. Recently, he has been involved in Stansted parish council’s working group to save the local library.

Tom van de Bilt (Labour)

Tom is an IT manager who has worked for three local councils as well as in the software industry as a supplier to local government. In the private sector, Tom worked on projects with UK councils, specialising in solutions for public libraries and giving him a unique perspective on how local government operates.

Jennie Sutton (Conservative)

I am one of those people who when I take on something I do it to the very best of my ability. I am not afraid of hard work and I believe in honesty and straight talking. Communities are very important, and I will always try to do my best for those I represent.

Gary Davey (Conservative)

I’ll support both parishes to develop their own neighbourhood plan to protect the fabric of our community. I’ll listen and act to ensure everyone in our ward has a voice. I’m committed to addressing the issue of litter. I’ll continue to volunteer with Stansted Mountpickers and help support other local groups to clean our streets.

Melvin Caton (Liberal Democrats)

A long-standing resident of Stoney Common, now in Stansted, formerly in Birchanger, Melvin has served both as a county and district councillor. He is keen to tackle air pollution and pedestrian safety, and supports vehicle activated speed reduction signs in Birchanger.

Ayub Khan (Liberal Democrats)

Keen to ensure social justice for the community, Ayub is particularly passionate about the development of young people, serving on several charities that promote their wellbeing. He is disappointed that a PCSO has still not been recruited for Stansted, and he supports the appointment of a special constable for Birchanger.


Terry Brandon (Labour)

Terry is a full time union official representing the interests of 10,000 airline pilots. A proficient campaigner, Terry has taken up cases all his working life.

He said: “The people of Takeley and the Canfields deserve a strong leader who can tackle the issues that matter. These include youth provision, preserving green areas, litter and poor roads.”

Geoff Bagnall (Residents for Uttlesford)

Geoff’s been vice-chairman of Takeley Parish Council since 2014. With a career in fixing performance at financial companies, he says he has the skills to drive service improvements at UDC.

Vere Isham (Residents for Uttlesford)

As a parish councillor and local business owner with a background in architecture, Vere says he knows what UDC should do to plan for better homes and communities.

Maggie Sutton (Residents For Uttlesford)

With long ties to Takeley, Maggie is an experienced campaigner on issues which affect residents, including the airport and UDC’s Easton Park new town.

Geoff, Vere and Maggie said: We need better representation on things like the airport expansion and estates being built without the proper infrastructure such as schools and surgeries. Residents need to deal with spiralling crime, gridlocked traffic, fly-parking, and the new town that will effectively join Takeley to Dunmow.

“We will listen and act in your interests.”

Jim Gordon (Conservative)

I am a family man and a retired police officer with a strong sense of public service and duty. I am approachable and helpful to anyone seeking assistance. I would be most grateful for your continuing support in my role of district councillor, in order that I can continue to tackle matters of concern to residents.

Derek Jones (Conservative)

I have lived in Takeley since 1978 and am married with three children and six grandchildren. Stansted Airport, as a primary local employer, supports many local households. I believe its development must be within current boundaries, in a closely controlled, sustainable, manner, subject to close scrutiny.

Howard Ryles (Conservative)

Married with two children, Howard is a current portfolio holder on Uttlesford District Council. With his Conservatives colleagues, Howard will try to address the effects of the overdevelopment that Takeley and Little Canfield has suffered and bring back a calmer, more considerate experience for all residents.

Ted Kimber (Liberal Democrats)

‘Why stand in a safe Conservative seat?’ It’s obvious: housing. I grew up here, but people of my age and younger cannot afford to stay. We also need the supporting infrastructure systems, transportation, schools, health services too, developed in an economically and ecologically sustainable way.


Alex Young (Labour)

Alex is a claims manager and chartered insurer. He is passionate about the need to protect the countryside and the architectural heritage of the area. If elected, Alex would strive to secure funding for community facilities, while extending access to those facilities to all who would benefit from them.

Ralph Barrington (Conservative)

If elected my priority will be to preserve the unique characteristics of our area and to ensure development in Thaxted accords with the town’s neighbourhood plan. I am experienced in council work having sat on a town council in Warwickshire and a parish council in Essex. If elected I would pledge to represent local interests vigorously.

Marrie Siddans (Conservative)

I have been an Uttlesford district councillor for the past six years and have a passion for social and affordable housing. My background careers have been in the property and pharmaceutical industry. I am a mother of two children and have a love of animals and the countryside.

Martin Foley (Liberal Democrats)

Martin has served as a district councillor for Thaxted for 24 years and now also represents the Eastons. He lives in the ward and his grandchildren attend local schools. He works closely with parish councils and residents groups and is a member of Stop Stansted Expansion.

Mike Tayler (Liberal Democrat)

Mike and his family have lived in Thaxted since 1986, and he worked as a GP in Thaxted Surgery until 2013. He has been involved in various community activities for many years, particularly musical ones. He knows the local area very well and is keen to serve on behalf of the whole community.


Geof Driscoll (Residents for Uttlesford)

Geof lives in Uttlesford and was a parish councillor for eight years. After a 30-year career in senior management in the road haulage industry, he feels qualified to lead transport, highways, road safety and parking initiatives.

Neil Reeve (Residents for Uttlesford)

A chartered engineer for more than 40 years, Neil was a chair of the ISO standards body. He says he can help UDC solve its infrastructure gaps and improve service delivery.

Geof and Neil said: “Residents are being ignored so it’s time for a change at UDC. R4U is our local party built by residents for residents. We’ll listen and have the right experience to work for you.”

Keith Artus (Conservative)

I have successfully represented this ward, including latterly Great Canfield, for the last 15 years. Helping villagers with the complications of modern life, be it planning, traffic, housing or welfare is fundamental to my role and I ask you to continue to support me as your local experienced influential voice.

Lesley Wells (Conservative)

I have represented Broad Oak, the Hallingburys and Great Canfield for 12 years. I am committed to preserving our environment and the integrity of our villages for future generations and will work hard to maintain and defend the interests of all the people in the ward.

David Allum (UKIP)

I will provide a loud and clear voice to represent residents` concerns . I will actively put our quality of life first, oppose the Conservative council’s massive house building plans, work towards prioritising social housing for local people and fight for greater provision of facilities for our elderly.

Maryanne Fleming (Liberal Democrats)

Maryanne has lived in Little Canfield for five years and her son was at school in Saffron Walden. She has been a chairman of school governors and is active in the Scout Association. She is committed to protecting our beautiful area for future generations. Maryanne is an IT programme manager for a London retailer.


Felicity Sutton (Residents for Uttlesford)

Like many residents Felicity commutes to London on expensive, unreliable trains and can’t afford to buy a home. But she says she’s not a complainer; she’s a campaigner. Felicity said: “Councillors from the national parties have waved through the expansion of Flitch Green without the proper infrastructure. I will listen to you, act, and work hard for residents.”

Christian Criscione (Conservative)

Since moving here, I have fallen in love with our area. I want to do my part in making it the best place to live in Essex and it is on this basis that I would ask you as my neighbours across the two villages to come out and support me in my commitment to securing, promoting and fighting for our community.

Steve Raddon (Liberal Democrats)

Steve Raddon has lived in Uttlesford with his family since 1998. He works as a programme manager and is very active in the community promoting environmental initiatives.


Alexander Armstrong (Residents for Uttlesford)

Alex is a town councillor and sits on the finance and policy committee. He is a committee member of the action group opening up the Flitch Way for all to enjoy.

Louise Pepper (Residents for Uttlesford)

Louise is passionate about our natural environment. She’s on the Stop Easton Park committee and wants to make sure wildlife is protected.

Alexander and Louise said: “Tens-of-thousands of new homes are being pushed along the A120.

“We need councillors who hold developers to account in order to provide the infrastructure, whilst protecting our environment.”

Paul Davies (Conservative)

The Conservative administration at Uttlesford District Council has continued to deliver great value for money for every resident. By voting for me as your district councillor in May you have my commitment that we’ll continue this success story. I will continue to be on hand to help residents with their issues.

John Davey (Conservative)

I will be campaigning for upgrading of local infrastructure. Massive improvement of the M11 is required with additional lanes and likewise the A120 from the A10 to the A11. Population growth is placing pressure on public services and in representing you I would seek improvements to them all.

David Morgan (Lib Dem): Had not responded at time of going to press