Twinners set for France trip: spaces are available

DUNMOW Twinning Association makes its biennial four-day visit to the historic two Dourdan in May – and places are still open.

The association is inviting people to join them on their trip to Dunmow’s twinned town, which is 30 miles south west of Paris. During the trip, the hosts will take visitors on days out and mark the occasion with a special dinner.

Twinner David Aldridge said: “The coach will leave on a Thursday morning, crossing via Eurotunnel and arriving in Dourdan that afternoon. Thursday night will be spent with host families and Friday is a group day out – last time it was to the beautiful Loire chateau and gardens at Villandry, plus Vouvray’s wine cellars.

“On Saturday French hosts take their guests around Dourdan, with its medieval castle and market, and to the many interesting places nearby before a special dinner. On Sunday morning, after fond farewells, the coach leaves for Dunmow. Everything except transport is free.

“Don’t worry if you don’t speak French – many hosts are English-speaking.”