Travellers expected to move from Dunmow Recreation Ground in days says town council

Dunmow. Pic: SaffronPhoto

Dunmow. Pic: SaffronPhoto - Credit: Archant

Travellers who have returned to Dunmow Recreation Ground are expected to leave in a matter of days, according to the town council.

The group of older travellers, who have based themselves at the Church End side of the recreation ground, arrived around 5pm on Wednesday (October 26).

Town clerk Caroline Fuller said both the police and Essex County Council’s Traveller Unit have been notifed regarding the encampment.

Mrs Fuller said: “I informed the police straight away and they called back later that evening to say that the travellers did not intend to stay long as they have children in school. So as soon as the half-term is over they said they would be moving on.

“However, I did inform the Essex-wide traveller unit the following day, who are very effective, and the travellers have been issued with a 24-hour direction to leave notice.

“If they have not moved on by Monday, then court proceedings will be issued and the matter will go to the magistrates court.”

This is the second time travellers have settled on the recreation ground this year, following an encampment in August which was eventually moved on.