County councillor: Roads and drains progress being made in the Dunmow area


Essex County Councillor Susan Barker - Credit: Archant

Susan Barker, Essex County Councillor for Dunmow, gives an update on resolving roads and flooding issues.

In Dunmow, the drains have been cleared at the junction of Lower Millfield and Chelmsford Road.

Works are scheduled at the junction of High Stile and in Rosemary Lane where water collects.

The pedestrian bridge from Ash Grove across the by pass is scheduled for works to stop the large puddle collecting.

In Leaden Roding investigations were undertaken in April and blocked drains away from the road are now known to be the source of the problem. Further work is planned.

In High Easter a blocked gully in The Street has been cleared and any remaining issues there are on private land.

The road was closed for drain repair works at Bell House Villas which has now been completed.

Issues at the sewage works are being investigated.

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Ditches that need clearing at Lea Hall in Hatfield Heath and at High Cross Lane Little Canfield are now with Essex Legal team for enforcement.

I am waiting for a further report back on the flooding that occurs in Church Lane, Great Hallingbury.

I am pleased to report that in High Roding at Dugates, works have been completed.

Repeat flooding in The Street is with Affinity Water.

The long-standing issues in Hammonds Lane, Hatfield Broad Oak have been dealt with, as have the gullies at Nedging Hall/ Magnolia House on the Sawbridgeworth Road in Little Hallingbury.

Finally the issues in Stortford Road, Hatfield Heath have been escalated to the Surface Water Alleviation Team at Essex, as although extra gullies have been installed this is not expected to fully resolve the issue.