How installing an electric vehicle charging point can make your life easier

EV Electrical green and black van parked outside building at EV Electrical Essex Ltd, Great Dunmow

EV Electrical Essex Ltd can install a wide range of charging points - whether it's a single circuit for a homeowner or a larger array for commercial clients. Pictured: An EV van outside Gridserve in Braintree. - Credit: Capture House

Thinking of swapping your diesel or petrol car for an electric vehicle, but concerned about the lack of public chargers? 

EV Electrical Essex Ltd, covering Great Dunmow and the surrounding area within Essex, has been striving to reduce carbon emissions and transform the landscape of everyday vehicles. In response to the government decree that all sales of new petrol and diesel cars would be eliminated by 2030, Director Simon Whittle decided to make this transition as easy as possible for the public – by offering to design and install charging points for homeowners and commercial clients.  

We sat down with Simon and Laura Ball, Marketing Manager at EV Electrical Essex Ltd, to discuss the advantages of having a charging point close to home.  

Team standing in row in front of electric van at EV Electrical Essex Ltd, Essex

As well as a free site survey, the team at EV Electrical Essex Ltd are always on hand to provide advice and guide clients through the process. Pictured: The EV team at Gridserve, Braintree. - Credit: Capture House

Q: What is the process of having a charging point installed for your home or business? 

A: We handle every aspect of a new installation, from the initial design stage, installing the required equipment and implementing new connections which keep your EV (electric vehicle) power supply away from your existing one. We offer free site surveys to discover exactly what each client needs, whether it’s just for one vehicle at home or a multi-point installation in a public or private car park. We’re more than happy to provide advice on the best options for their purposes, as there are a number of different EV chargers to select from. 

There two government grants available which we can provide as accredited suppliers. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a 75 per cent contribution to a single charging point, but this is coming to an end on March 31, 2022 for homeowners. This scheme is being extended to the rented sector however, so that tenants and landlords can still apply. 

From April onwards, businesses can apply for a more generous grant through the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). We will guide our eligible clients throughout the grant process so that they can save money on their installation. 

Q: Why is it so important to have charging points at home and at workplaces? 

A: Having one or several charging points installed specifically for your driveway or office premises means you’ll always have somewhere to plug in your vehicle, and be certain that your car will be fully charged by the time you need it. 

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The charging ports that we install fit neatly into garages and car parks, and can be used at any time. Homeowners can easily plug their vehicle in after returning home from work, and head out the next morning with a fully charged car. This removes the inconvenience of needing to keep an eye on fuel levels and struggling to find a nearby petrol station. 

Close up of company name and logo on van at EV Electrical Essex Ltd, Great Dunmow

As the government announces plans to stop the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030, having your own charging point has become a good plan for the future. - Credit: Capture House

Q: How essential are EV charging points for accessible, sustainable transport? 

A: EV installation points are a vital aspect of the environmental rollout, as the move towards more eco-friendly vehicles draws ever closer. The more places there are to recharge, the easier the transition to sustainable travel will be. There is enough capacity on the national grid to charge millions of EV’s - by installing charging points wherever we can, we aim to play a vital part in the transition to sustainable transport.  

Once we get to a stage where most people can charge their vehicles during the day in car parks, or at home during the night, then services and other public charging points can be used as top-ups rather than relied on in the same way as petrol stations. Our installations will pave the way for a brighter environmental future.  

Simon Whittle charging company electric van at EV Electrical Essex Ltd, Essex

With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing LED products, Director Simon Whittle decided to help ease the transition to energy efficient, sustainable transport. - Credit: Capture House

Q: Why choose EV Electrical Essex Ltd for an installation? 

A: Making the switch to an EV, deciding which charger to go for and then thinking about the installation process can be extremely daunting. We’re here to make our clients lives easier by listening to their concerns and queries, and support them every step of the way throughout their installation. 

The expertise gained from 30 years of designing and manufacturing LED products has made for a seamless transition to EV charger installations – we’re able to recommend the product that works best for you and make sure you always have access to an energy efficient, effective charging point. 

For more information about installing an EV charging point, or on the government grants available, visit or call 01371 879072.