Takeley residents have raised concerns about a row of parked cars which are causing a potentially dangerous traffic obstruction.

The row of around 16 vehicles is on the B1256, after the Birchanger Green roundabout and just before the Silver Jubilee Hall.

Resident Janet Cleaves said: "It's causing a real obstruction and is a danger to traffic. This has been reported to police on numerous occasions.

"We can't turn out of The Pastures or out of any residence without a dangerous manoeuvre - or the Silver Jubilee Hall - without being on the wrong side of the road.

"A lorry came round the corner and I had nowhere to go. There's a risk of a head-on collision. The lorry ended up on the pavement. It's a very dangerous situation."

Essex police confirmed that this is a matter for the council, not the police.

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “Any requests for the introduction of new parking restrictions should be sent to the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP).

"If there are vehicles parking dangerously, it would be a matter for Essex Police.”