Traffic news: One way system for Essex town rejected

A PROPOSAL for a one-way system in Dunmow town centre has been rejected by councillors who are concerned that it will cause an increase in speeding traffic.

Discussions at the town’s traffic management group last month highlighted problems with parking and narrow footpaths and it has been suggested by shopkeepers that a one way system would solve them.

The idea would direct traffic around a large ‘island’ including Stortford Road, Rosemary Lane and North Street.

The single lane carriageway would then allow extra ‘stop and shop’ parking spaces to installed on the side of the road as well as space for wider footpaths.

Chris Stoneham from Essex County Council’s highways department wrote to the town council asking if it would support the scheme.

He said: “The Stortford Road issues could only be resolved by reducing the carriageway width in affect making Stortford Road a one way street.”

However, ex-policeman and town councillor Phil Milne was one of many who voiced their concerns.

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He said: “In my experience a one way system only encourages the traffic to go faster.”

Town mayor Wendy Barron went one step further and said that drivers parking on the sides of roads are to blame.

“The problem is aggravated when people park on the pavements whilst they nip into a shop. They should be using the car parks,” she said.

The council has indicated it would prefer traffic calming measures which could also result in extra parking spaces alongside a reduction in speeds.

One scheme suggested involves a narrow section of road where cars have to give way in one direction.

The council has instructed the highways department to carry out a 24-hour traffic survey later this year, speeds will also be monitored in the meantime.

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