Tourist information centre moved into town library

A TOURIST information centre has found a new home thanks to hard work from dedicated councillors and a new agreement with a town’s library.

Staff at Great Dunmow’s �1million reading and book facility have agreed a partnership arrangement allowing Dunmow Town Council to run its info centre within the library building.

Previously the centre was housed in Banana Travel in Market Place, but a lack of customers and exposure forced the council to look elsewhere. White Street fits the bill.

A council spokesman said: “Our new location is right in the heart of the town and importantly in the new town square.

“The office is not just for tourists though, it provides all sorts of information for local people and visitors to the town.”

The new location is not costing the council, and therefore the taxpayer, any more money than the original location, and is being funded annually at around �2000.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1pm. Call 07519 585894 or e-mail

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Volunteers are still needed to man the desk. If you are interested contact the town council on 01371 872406.