Supernatural author spooked by success of self-published books

Stephanie Boddy with her second book It Found Me.

Stephanie Boddy with her second book It Found Me. - Credit: Archant

It has been a busy year for a paranormal activity writer – after releasing her first book she has since been snapped up by an agent and is hosting her own supernatural show.

Stephanie Boddy, of Flitch Green, has barely had time to think since self-publishing The House on Poultney Road, a true ghost story about her grandfather’s experiences – which sold around 12,000 copies.

Within months she had finished her follow-up, It Found Me, which explored her own paranormal encounters and on the day it was released, she was signed by agent Rick Mayston.

Stephanie said: “If you had told me last year I would sell 100 copies of my first book then I would not have believed you. It has been a busy year but really exciting as well. It was so great to be signed by Rick as he has so much belief in me and is pushing me forward.”

The 31-year-old now also hosts an online paranormal show each month on Ginicam, where fans pay for tickets to watch as well as interact with the author.

She invites people to share their own supernatural experiences and also interviews a guest each month. In March she will be speaking to the newest member of Most Haunted, Eamonn Van-Harris, an electronic voice phenomena specialist.

“The show is really good fun and I am really enjoying it,” Stephanie added.

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“It is almost like a community. It is really interactive. People want to talk and share their own experiences. But people can just buy a ticket and watch. I think it has got a really good future.”

Stephanie is currently working on her third novel, Aviophobia, which she is hoping to secure a publishing deal for. This is the first time Stephanie has penned a fiction novel and she makes herself write at least 500 words a night.

She told the Broadcast: “I cannot give too much away as there are a lot of twists that the readers will not expect. It is a bit more gory than my other books – I have even scared myself when writing it.”

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