STANSTED: easyJet returns to full flying schedule

EASYJET is today flying a full schedule of 1100 flights with over 150,000 seats, following a nearly normal schedule yesterday.

EASYJET is today flying a full schedule of 1100 flights with over 150,000 seats, following a nearly normal schedule yesterday.

The company is also offering 13 additional rescue flights today to destinations where large numbers of customers are stranded.

The airline expects that seats will be available on most flights for the coming days as passengers with reservations have made alternate arrangements. Passengers who are stranded abroad can therefore return home earlier than expected by coming to the airport.

To ensure that customers can return home swiftly, easyJet has contacted stranded passengers to ask them to come to the airport where they will be booked on the next available flight.

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Chief executive Andy Harrison said: "We won't rest until our passengers are home. With all the additional flights and stand-by measures in place we believe that we can bring passengers home even quicker than expected.

"I would like to thank our passengers for their patience and understanding."

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What is easyJet doing for customers?

Offering customers to fly on stand-by Since many passengers with reservations have made alternate arrangements we are setting up stand by desks in the airport to try to help stranded passengers get on the next available flight.

Offering Rescue flights In addition to changing flight schedule to cover areas where there may be more stranded passengers, easyJet has leased a number of additional aircraft in order to help stranded passengers return home. Passengers could reserve seats by SMS as many have no easy access to the internet.

Prioritising stranded passengers easyJet has capped its new sales on key flights to areas which likely have stranded passengers, and has allowed these stranded passengers to go online and book available seats.

Looking after stranded passengers 100,000 hotel nights paid for by easyJet already, who have set up a network of hotel rooms throughout Europe.

Proactively communicating with customers easyJet has sent over a half million emails to customers and over quarter of million SMS messages, updating passengers on the status of their flights and the overall situation.

Trebling contact centre staff to try to increase capacity to address the likely huge volume of customer contacts.

Being flexible by flying stranded customers back to any airport.

Passengers are also advised to keep checking and their emails for further information.

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