Sites suitable for development around Dunmow published in pre-Local Plan report

Uttlesford District Council has revealed possible suitable sites for development.

Uttlesford District Council has revealed possible suitable sites for development. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sites put up for development across Uttlesford to fulfil the district’s housing needs have been whittled down to a list of suitable sites.

Planners at Uttlesford District Council (UDC) have been evaluating all sites that were put forward for development in last year’s Call for Sites which ended in October.

There are several sites for single settlements highlighted as suitable by UDC, including the 4,750-homed Easton Park, which is still being decided by the secretary of state for communities. Other sites are at Stebbing Airfield, for 6,160 homes, and Broxted Wood, for 3,500, though both are dependent on whether UDC decides to go for a single settlement, as well as Braintree District Council’s homes plan.

The suitability study shows 200 homes could be built on the site of Helena Romanes School if a new secondary school could be found, however a 750-home development would not be suitable on land east of the B184 at Dunmow.

There is scope, according to the reports, to build either 750 or 1,700 homes at Chelmer Mead, which falls east of Little Dunmow and north of Flitch Green, and 1,000 at Park Road, if other developments are allowed.

Near Takeley, homes at Greater Priors Green, 1,700, west of the village, 320, and north of Taylors Farm, Takeley Street, 8,300, are also deemed suitable, but only if the council chooses it as a strategic site and is subject to the Countryside Protection Zone review.

At Stansted, land to the west of the village is allocated for 800 homes, subject to the result of a green belt review.

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Richard Fox, head of the planning policy team at UDC, said although the sites have been identified at suitable, they may not be developed.

He told the Broadcast: “We have looked at the sites and have highlighted the ones that, in principle, could be developed but that doesn’t mean that they will be.

“We looked at the sustainability of the sites, in terms of retail, environmental and infrastructure and found that some are obvious no-hopers and were ruled out.

“The sites will now be subject to more evidence-based work, under a sustainability plan, which will look further at the impact on the environment, travel and retail.

“There are also other studies and this will help us form the plan and whether we have a big settlement or ‘pepper pot’, or whether it will be focused on towns or villages.

“If all the homes that were put forward were built, we would have 30,000 homes, but we only need 4,500. If our further studies show that plans are not sustainable then we will not proceed with them.

“Clearly the decision about Elsenham and Easton Park from the secretary of state will make a big impact on our Local Plan.”

Mr Fox added: “We just do a technical job and put forward a plan based on evidence. This will then be discussed by councillors who will say what they like and don’t like.”

The results of the sustainability of the sites is due in the autumn, when the plan will be revealed.

Bannister Green: Land north west of Bannister Green, five homes.

Felsted: Land east of Bury Farm, Station Road, 45 homes. A small-scale development at Chaffix Farm, Braintree Road, could be suitable for five homes, which would protect the gap between the village and Watch House Green. Gransmore Meadow, Chelmsford Road, 10 homes. Land to the south of B1417, Braintree Road, 95. Land to the west of Chelmsford Road, 135. Land off Causeway End Road, 13.

Great Canfield: Tandens, Canfield Drive, has permission for two additional pitches. Land to the north of Lavenhams, Canfield Road, nine. Land south of Canfield Park Cottage, Canfield Road, seven. Sandhurst, Canfield Road, five.

Great Dunmow: Land south of Stortford Road and west of Buttleys Lane, 60 if land east is allocated. The Yard, Stortford Road “may be more suitable for employment use” than for 35 homes. The Groves, Clapton Hall Lane, nine. Land south of Ongar Road, 99. Oaklands, Ongar Road, 13. Wood Field, Woodside Way, 120. Land adjoining Dunmow Park, 80. Land west and south west of Great Dunmow, 400. Barfield House, Church End, 10.

Great Easton: Land off Brocks Mead, 40.

Hatfield Broad Oak: Great Chalks, High Street, eight. Land south of Newbury Meadow, off Cage End Road, 30.

Hatfield Heath: Land east of Friars Lane, seven, land at Cox Ley, 70, former prisoner of war camp, Mill Lane, 10. All subject to the council’s green belt review.

High Roding: Land to the rear of Meadowfields, The Street, five subject to strategy including small developments in type B villages.

Leaden Roding: Land fronting the Stortford Road, 100 subject to green belt assessment.

Little Canfield: Land adjacent to Squires Cottage, Stortford Road, 10 if adjacent land is suitable. Tree Tops, Dunmow Road, five. Warren Farm

Stortford Road, five homes or six traveller pitches dependent on suitability of larger surrounding sites’ suitability.

Little Easton: Hoglands Cottage, Park Road, 80 depending on the outcome of the appeal against refusal for 600-700 homes on land to the west.

Rayne: A mix of homes and agricultural land at Blake End would only be suitable if an eastbound access is made to the A120.

Watch House Green: Land south of Watch House Green 34 homes. Maranello/Felmore Farm 15. Land East of Braintree Road five plus 120-bed care home and 30 homes on second site. Sunnybrook Farm, Braintree Road, 30 or 10.

Stansted: Land at Pines Hill, 68 plus five subject to green belt review. Land at Bentfield Green, 70 subject to capacity of the highway network and any necessary highway mitigation measures. Land east of Cambridge Road and west of High Lane, 40.

Stebbing: Hornsea Lodge, Bran End, six.

Takeley: Land at Bonningtons Farm, Station Road, 16, suitable if 280, or 203, homes are deemed suitable for land west of Station Road, which is subject to a development south of Flitch Way. Priors Green West, 200 if available and subject to the Countryside Protection Zone review.

Takeley Street: Land between Coppice Close and Hillcroft, south of B1256, 40, opposite Taylors Farm, The Street, 11, United House,

The Street, seven, all depend on the outcome of the Countryside Protection Zone Review and value of views of Hatfield Forest against the need for housing on a site not within the open countryside.