Single stone diamond presumed worthless is valued at £15,000 during Dunmow antiques event

The valuation show in Dunmow where a diamond worth £15,000 was found. Picture: MRS FOX VALUATIONS

The valuation show in Dunmow where a diamond worth £15,000 was found. Picture: MRS FOX VALUATIONS - Credit: Archant

A single stone diamond which was found lurking at the bottom of a suitcase in Dunmow has been valued at a staggering £15,000.

The precious stone was discovered at an antiques event in the town, hosted by Mrs Fox Valuations, along with other high-value items including a Far East ornament and intricate musical instrument.

“A woman came in with a suitcase full of jewellery for our jewellery expert and there was this little pouch at the bottom of the case and she didn’t think the diamond was real,” Jane Fox, owner of the company, said.

“She had inherited all the jewellery and suitcase from a relative who died about two years ago and I don’t think she’d had an opportunity to go through it.”

Mrs Fox, who could not reveal the name of the owner, said she did not know what the woman would do with the diamond and that the discovery had come as a complete surprise.

Other high-price items at the event, which took place on June 17, included a musical instrument valued at £4,000.

“It was very intricate and beautifully-made,” Mrs Fox added.

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“It was not the highest value on the day, but I think it was the probably the most beautiful. It was so well made and it was around 100 years old, and it is still played to this day.”

A Buddha worth £800 was also discovered at the event, much to the delight of its owner.

Mrs Fox said: “It was a typical Buddha. The woman who brought it in had a whole boot full of stuff. I think people think that if they can take one thing, then they will get it all out. When she found out what it was worth she was very pleased.”

This is not the first time Mrs Fox has come across high-value valuations though, after discovering a missing sculpture from artist Lynn Chadwick’s collection.

The sculpture, found at one of her client’s houses, was sold for £460,000.

“I love it and I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” she added.

“The buzz of doing a valuation or an auction is still there and I love the stories [behind the items].”