Secrets of fantasy Dunmow house revealed

The secrets of this extraordinary Dunmow fantasy home will be revealed

The first live monthly session at Talliston House and Gardens will take place on March 21 at 3pm. - Credit: Talliston House and Gardens

A man who has created a fantasy house in Dunmow is holding a series of courses revealing details about how it was created.

John Tarrow will run the first of the live monthly sessions - Interior design alchemy, a masterclass in decor and design live from Britain's most extraordinary home - at Talliston House and Gardens on March 21 at 3pm.

Mr Tarrow, who is a fantasy fiction author, has created a variety of “worlds” inside his semi-detached house, including medieval tower rooms, New Orleans kitchens and a cabin in the woods.

Each workshop will focus on one location, analysing every aspect of its planning and building.

There will be hints and tips, inspirational mood boards, behind-the-scenes photographs, details of key design contacts, video footage, as well as a Q&A session at the end of the main presentation.

The course is free to members of The Talliston Fellowship.