Royal Mail post box is out of use while birds nest in it - a tweet from Duton Hill near Dunmow

Birds Nest Box

Birds Nest Box - Credit: Archant

A Royal Mail post box is out of action this week. It’s being used as a nesting box for a family of blue tits.

The box in Cherry Tree Road, Duton Hill, near Dunmow, has a sign on it saying: “Sorry this post box is temporarily closed. Due to Birds Nesting.”

Then the notice adds: “The nearest post box is in Church Road, Tilty or Thaxted Village.”

Royal Mail spokesperson Sally Hopkins said: “Birds nest in our post boxes from time to time during the spring. In such circumstances, we would place a notice on the box requesting that customers do not use it so that the nesting birds are not disturbed.

“The box is then reopened once the birds have left the nest. In the meantime, we advise customers to use other postboxes nearby or they can drop mail off at any post office branch in the area.”