B&M and Baylis & Harding recalling products due to safety concerns

A B&M store elsewhere in the country

B&M is one of the retailers that has recalled products due to safety concerns - Credit: Archant

Hair detangling spray and an electric bike are among the items that retailers have recalled due to safety concerns.

Trading Standards has issued warnings about a number of items that should be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund.

UBCO recall range of electric bikes over safety concerns

UBCO, which makes all-terrain electric bikes, has recalled its 2x2 WRK off-road utility bikes due to a fault that could cause a wheel to seize, causing a crash - Credit: Trading Standards

Electric bike manufacture UBCO has recalled a range of its electric utility bikes due to a fault causing the risk of a crash.

It was found that the 'annulus' gear component in the wheel hub may loosen during operation and cause the affected bike wheel to seize, causing a crash.

Product Details

UBCO 2x2 WRK Off-Road Utility Motorbike

Parsons Pickles recalls its mussels due to safety concerns

Parson's Pickles, which are sold at B&M stores, has recalled a batch of pickled mussels after glass was found in one of the products. - Credit: Trading Standards

Customer have been warned against eating pickled mussels sold at B&M stores under the name Parson's Pickles because some jars have been found to contain glass fragments.

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Parson's Pickles has recalled the affected product, dated best before November 2024, and has said people can return it back to B&M stores for a full refund. 

Product details:
Parson's Pickles Pickled Mussels
Pack size: 155 g
Batch code: batch 38V
Lot number: 327
Best-before-end date: Nov 2024

B&M recall its children's hair detangler range

Bayliss and Harding has recalled its 'Goodness Kids' detangling hair spray range after it was found to contain a bacteria that could cause infection in children. - Credit: Trading Standards

Luxury beauty brand Baylis and Harding has urged customers to return its range of 'Goodness Kids' detangling hair spray after it was found it could cause bacterial infections.

A bacterial organism called 'pluralibacter gergoviae' was found to be present after tests. 

It could be harmful to small children and those with existing health complications such as weakened immune systems. 

People can return the spray to Baylis and Harding stores for a refund. 

Product details: 

Goodness Kids Detangler, batch number 1319A