Dunmow bikes to be shipped off to Ghana for 'Re-Cycling'

A large stash of bikes in Dunmow. Inset: Two Rotary Club volunteers load bikes into a flatbed truck

The Rotary Club of Dunmow praised residents for their "fantastic" contributions to Re-Cycle - Credit: Rotary Club of Dunmow/Archant

More than 100 bikes from Dunmow could be 'Re-Cycled' in Ghana.

The Rotary Club of Dunmow collected 102 bikes for Colchester-based charity Re-Cycle on Saturday, September 25.

Many of the bikes will be repaired and sent to communities in rural Africa where accessing education or travelling to work is difficult.

Bikes which cannot be repaired easily will be sold at the Re-Cycle shop in Wormingford, Essex to raise money for its cause.

The charity's next shipment will go to Ghana.

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Dunmow with a stash of bicycles

People in Great Dunmow donated 102 bikes to the Re-Cycle at a Rotary Club event - Credit: Rotary Club of Dunmow

Re-cycle says the work provides people in rural Africa with "a hand up, not a hand-out".

The bicycles can be used to cut commutes to work or school which Re-Cycle says can take up to four hours by foot.

Two Rotary Club volunteers in front of a truck loaded with bikes in Dunmow, Essex

The Rotary Club of Dunmow and its Takeley satellite group collected 102 bikes for Re-Cycle - Credit: Rotary Club of Dunmow

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The Rotary Club of Dunmow praised the public for their "fantastic" support.

A spokesperson said: "We would like to thank the people in Dunmow and Takeley for their generous donations."