Pigeon nests in town centre traffic light

A BIRD has caught the attention of Dunmow shoppers over the last two weeks, mainly because of her unusual nesting position.

Bertie, as some residents have started calling her, is nesting in one of the loudest spots in the town centre, right next to the speaker that emits the bleeping noise on the road’s main traffic light crossing.

Doreen Cumming, a shopper from Stebbing, was one of many people to get in touch with the Broadcast when the bird first appeared.

“I’m not sure why she chose to go there, it must be the warmth of the lights,” she said. “I was out at the Tuesday market when I spotted her. It seems a bizarre place to nest.”

According to one shop worker, however, it isn’t the first time this has happened.

Remaining anonymous, she said: “A pigeon was nesting on the opposite traffic light last year. It could be the same one.”

So far, three residents have started calling the bird ‘Bertie’ and they are hoping the name will catch on.

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