Parking blitz on Stansted Airport users

PARISH councils are clamping down on villagers who allow their land to be used for off-site airport parking.

Takeley and Stansted parish councils are warning offenders that planning officers from Uttlesford District Council will be called in to deal with legitimate complaints.

Takeley Parish Council chairman Richard Cheetham said: “This has been a problem in Takeley for ages. People, misguidedly, get involved in order to get some extra cash in hand.

“Providing off-airport parking is illegal and we will call in enforcement officers from Uttlesford District Council if we believe the law is being broken.

“If we receive reports of someone letting out their drive the parish council will check to make sure the complaint is credible before passing it one to UDC.”

District councillor Alan Dean has also seen a problem with inconsiderate motorists in Stansted.

“Some selfish air passengers dump their cars outside people’s homes and then catch the bus or train to the airport,” he said.

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A council spokesman said: “There are various issues that can arise with regard to off-site airport parking.

“These can include licensing breaches, for example where someone is offering a parking space and then a lift to the airport but does not have the necessary private hire vehicle licence; or breaches of planning regulations, such as for change of use or a lack of planning permission.

“It is a complex field which can involve various departments of the council including licensing, planning, legal and enforcement. We do consider every complaint we receive and where appropriate take the necessary action.”

Insp Kevin Wakefield said: “Parking enforcement is down to UDC and whilst I appreciate some residents do get upset when vehicles are left outside of the front of their houses, unfortunately, they don’t have an absolute right to that bit of road over and above any other road user.

“Therefore, if there is no obstruction, then there is no offence. The only time the police would get involved is if the vehicle was genuinely obstructing the highway.”