PLANNED to coincide with the General Election last month, FKS Schools in Felsted decided to hold their own school elections.

Two parties ran for office – Olivia Wiggins and Sean McNamara of Year Six made up the Voice Party and Penny Darling and Louis Cooper from Year Five formed the Conschoolatives.

The result was very close, but the Voice Party were elected with a small majority.

A school spokesman said: “Both parties worked hard on their manifestos and canvassed for votes by displaying posters and speaking to the other children in assemblies.

“Every child was able to cast their vote in a secret ballot. The staff and children were then delighted to welcome Sir Alan Haslehurt MP into school to act as returning officer and announce the result.

“Before making the announcement Sir Alan spoke to the children about what happens in a real election and congratulated both parties on their hard work.

“Sean and Olivia thanked those who had voted for them, promised to work hard for everyone and, most importantly, congratulated Penny and Louis on how well they had done.”