NHS and Braintree District Council encourage residents to “Walk to Work”

BRAINTREE District Council is giving away pedometers to the first 100 people who pledge to walk an extra 15 minutes a day.

As part of the Walking Works’ National Walk to Work Week, from May 9 -13, the NHS has donated the pedometers to encourage people to keep fit.

A recent survey carried out by Braintree Council’s Heart & Sole Team confirmed that walking is a great way to lose weight. In fact 45 per cent of people said that they had lost weight since joining the Council’s free weekly walks.

Other benefits enjoyed by the walkers included less visits to their GP’s, leaving the car at home in favour of walking short distances and increasing the amount of exercise they took part in each week.

The World Cancer Research Fund recommends being physically active every day for 30 minutes or more to reduce the risk of cancer.

Anyone looking to improve their health and fitness levels can visit the Walking Works website walkingworks.org.uk where they can sign up and pledge to walk 15 minutes more each day, week or month and in return will receive tips on walking to keep motivated.

To win the pedometer residents need simply contact the council by email at walking@braintree.gov.uk or call 01376 552525 ext 2313 when they have signed up. The 100 free pedometers have been donated by the NHS.

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For people unable to walk to work, Braintree Council has free health walks Monday to Friday in Great Notley and Finchingfield. For more information contact the Council on 01376 552525 or see the website for the walking programmes braintree.gov.uk