New local Conservatives leader commits to ‘putting residents first’

Cllr Christian Criscione is the new leader of the Conservatives in Uttlesford.

Cllr Christian Criscione is the new leader of the Conservatives in Uttlesford. - Credit: Christian Criscione

Uttlesford District Council’s Conservative Group has elected a new leader, who says his party needs a new approach which will “put residents’ first”.

Councillor Christian Criscione, 25, represents Flitch Green and Little Dunmow at UDC.

He says a new approach is needed by the Conservatives following last year’s May local elections, which saw R4U taking over the leadership of Uttlesford District Council.

Cllr Criscione works in property development, has a degree in politics from University of Westminster, and was Kemi Badenoch MP’s general election agent in December 2019.

He has been involved in local politics since he was 16, supporting the Conservatives.

“The first election I have ever voted in I voted for myself,” he recalls.

He said his local party will act on members’ and residents’ views alike, and will push “new” and “ambitious” policies.

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“The Conservatives left administration last year with a healthy balance sheet, the lowest council tax in Essex and an enviable record on council services, including environmental protection and the delivery of affordable homes.”

Cllr Criscione added:

“We will continue to champion those issues in opposition, scrutinising new policies to ensure they are robust and coherent and showing residents why their local council is best run by a Conservative administration.

“Our vision commits us once again to building a healthy balance sheet through sensible investments, to providing first-class council services at the best value to taxpayers, and to delivering sustainable growth through a new local plan with emphasis on the protection of our district’s truly unique character. We will vigorously champion the protection and enhancement of our natural environment for young people and future generations.”

For now, he says his local party will “continue” to hold the current R4U administration to account: “Good government is about detail and diligence, and we will be scrutinising R4U closely on residents’ behalf, whether they voted for us or not, to ensure that this administration puts the district’s interests first.”