New hypnobirthing business set up in Dunmow

Emma Culley-Morgan with baby Otis

Emma Culley-Morgan with baby Otis - Credit: Archant

A pain and fear-free childbirth may seem like a dream scenario for many women.

But hypnobirthing coach Emma Culley-Morgan is confident that she has the skills and techniques to see any expectant mother through even the most challenging of deliveries.

Mrs Culley-Morgan, 33, discovered the transformative approach when she was pregnant with her first son Otis, now four, following a recommendation from a colleague.

Now, having completed her training last year through hypnobirthing expert and doula Katharine Graves, Mrs Culley-Morgan has started up her own business – Hello Baby Hypnobirthing – from home in Rayfield Close, Barnston.

“As many mums are I was really scared of the pain of childbirth,” she said.

“I was told that hypnobirthing would take the fear and pain away. So my husband and I had someone come to our home and had our course over four sessions.

“It totally transformed me into a confident and excited mum and I couldn’t wait to go into labour.

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“The experience was amazing as well. The teachings tell you how to stay in control, and the partners are very active in hypnobirths.”

Mrs Culley-Morgan – now also the proud mother of second son Eli, 19 months, with whom she had an entirely pain-free labour – says that couples need not feel any anxiety about hypnobirthing being a soft option.

“People obviously worry about this method not being something they can rely on if labour doesn’t go to plan, but nobody can plan what’s going to happen,” she said.

“In hypnobirthing, whatever type of birth takes place, you’ve got something you can rely on. You can have a caesarean section hypnobirth, for example.

“It really focuses on the environment around you and the effect your experiences have – you really only feel pain if you’re frightened. So it’s about learning how to breathe deeply. We teach some special breathing techniques.

“You become very aware of everything around you, and get back to a very primal state. It helps the body work in the way it was always supposed to work, and helps it do what it is meant to do.”