New crematorium opens in Dunmow

The Walsh Family who will be running the new crematorium

The Walsh family. Left to right Harvey Walsh, Mollie Walsh, Katie Walsh, Liz Walsh, Michael J Walsh, David Walsh, Daisy Walsh and Alfie Walsh. - Credit: Dunmow Crematorium

Dunmow Crematorium has officially opened and is ready to serve the community. 

On Saturday, June 25, the ribbon was cut by the building's designers - Derek Tuttlebury, David Walsh, Michael J. Walsh and Liz Walsh.  

The crematorium can seat over 140 people with comfort and uses the latest technology for its services. 

One big difference between this crematorium and others is that there are two hours between services, giving families more time before being rushed away. 

Services can be held at other venues and churches with families saying goodbye at the hearse as the coffin is taken to Dunmow Crematorium for cremation overnight. 

David said: “It is a historic moment for the Dunmow area.  

“The beautiful rural crematorium is very different to other crematoriums in its natural setting.” 

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