Big Brother fans expressed their annoyance with Essex contestant Kerry due to a shower dispute with fellow housemate Dylan.

The housemates had taken part in a catwalk game where they had to choose a certain square to stand upon, one at a time.

There was a designated path to work their way along to the finish, but if they stood on the wrong square they got covered in slime.

The first eight housemates to successfully make their way along the path got invited to an exclusive VIP party.

Obviously, the housemates got a bit messy and Dylan, who uses a prosthetic leg, was the first to jump in the disabled shower.

Kerry who uses a scooter had wanted to use it first and sarcastically said "Dylan the gentleman" when she found out he was already in there.

This appeared to rile up some of the Big Brother viewers.

Big Brother viewers say they 'can't stand' Kerry

Big Brother viewers were not particularly happy at this reaction, with one person posting on X (formerly known as Twitter): "Kerry being annoyed at Dylan because he got to the shower first is exactly why I can’t stand her. You don’t deserve things more than others so stop thinking you do."

Another put: "Sorry love, the guy is literally missing a leg, he kind of needs the disabled shower."

One person expressed confusion at the situation, sharing: "Kerry wasn’t in the bathroom first? Dylan was already undressed?? And she still expected to go in the shower first???"

However, not everyone shared the same feelings, with one person saying: "Sorry that is very ungentlemanly of Dylan. He won the party and was hardly covered. The least he could do is wait."

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